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Nicotine is 4 times more addictive than heroin


With acupuncture is easy! Here's how

Smoking is an addiction, it is not just a habit. There is habitual behavior going on, but without addressing the addiction it is almost impossible to change the habits that involve tobacco. Nicotine is the most addictive drug in our culture today. It is 4 times more addictive than heroin. Fortunately there is an answer. Acupuncture is statistically the most successful stop smoking modality out there today. It is quick, natural and easy. Acupuncture is so successful because it addresses the mechanism of addiction. Most methods today focus on the habit. Let me explain the mechanism. During the explanation please refer back to

the diagram.

You'll notice that there are 2 nerve cells. One on the right in the brain which would send a message as an electrical response and one on the left in the body that would receive the message and may move a muscle. These two nerves do not touch there is a space between them. When the nerve on the brain side sends a message it travels to the end as an electrical message, at the end the message is translated into a chemical message. This chemical now fills the space between the two nerves. The second nerve on the body side reads the chemical message and converts it back into an electrical message and the muscle moves.

The chemical that transmits the message across the space is simply called a neuro-transmitter because it transmits a neural message. Now you obviously do not want the muscle to continue moving indefinitely, you'd have a twitch. So the brain causes another chemical to enter and fill the space that stops the moving of the muscle. This chemical is simply called an inhibitory transmitter because it inhibits the transmission of the message.

Nicotine is a neuro-toxin. It stops the firing of nerves. When you take in nicotine it fills the space between the nerves much the same way that your own inhibitory transmitters do. So when you continue to take in nicotine your body does not have to make as much of it's own chemicals and so, to a degree, shuts down. THAT IS THE ADDICTION!!! Now to stay at a relative balance you have to take in nicotine from the outside. If you don't, what happens? The firing continues and you feel shaky, grouchy, irritable, nervous, etc. So you smoke, the nicotine fills the space, stops the firing and you feel better.

The acupuncture simply kick starts your own inhibitory transmitters that shut down in the first place bringing you back to your own relative balance.

Treatment consists of two treatments. The first one is in the evening and the second is the next morning. That's it. You're done. 

One tiny needle is placed on both hands between the thumb and forefinger. One is place on top of both feet between the first and second toes. Two are placed in each ear and a small comfortable electrical pulse is applied to both sides. You relax for 30 minutes with some soft music and you're done. The same treatment is done on both days.

As you can see, the needles are so small you can hardly make them out.

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