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National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

NADA got its start in 1972 at the Lincoln Memorial Hospital, South Bronx, NY. Dr. Michael Smith was the head of the Psychiatric department and the

methadone clinic. Dr. Smith run across some research papers written by a Neuro-surgeon in China which told of his success using acupuncture for addictions. Dr. Smith brought in Drs. from China to assist in the methadone clinic. The hope was to replace methadone, at least in part, with acupuncture. After many years of clinical trials the NADA protocol was developed and NADA was incorporated in 1986. The program proved so successful that it is being used throughout the US in many clinics, detox. rehab. facilities, prisons and even court diversion programs. 

I have been certified with NADA since 1988 and have served in many rehad. settings over the years. In California I worked for Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment (BAART). BAART was doing trials and research in methadone clinics. We also worked in concert with hospitals involved with late stage chronic alcoholics. I worked with California Alcohol and Drug Programs delivering acupuncture treatment to mothers that were addicted to crack cocaine and helped them with their babies. The facility was called Baby Step. I also worked at Awakenings which was the largest hearing impair rehab. facility in the country.

We even participated in a court diversion program for awhile. When I left, there was no one to carry it forward and to my knowledge the programs just vanished. Speaking from first hand experience, the trials where again proving to be successful. Why NADA is not being used in a more widespread manner in every rehab. facility in the country, well your guess is as good as mine. NADA helps people get off street drugs, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol. The treatment is a wonderful treatment for STRESS as well.

We use 5 tiny acupuncture needles in each ear. The patient sits or lays and relaxes for 45 minutes. The points that are being used balance the autonomic nervous system which has a very calming effect. The treatment also helps with the major organs of detox. such as the Lung, Kidney and Liver. From a Chinese Medical and Acupuncture perspective we are also helping with Sadness/Grief (Lung), Fear/Fright (Kidney), and Anger (Liver).

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