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This page is dedicated to sharing and teaching those things that I've learned and developed along the way. I am humbled by the wisdom of my teachers and those of old. It is my wish that you will be able to enjoy and use "Schools In" for your edification, health and prosperity. I will update this section several times per year especially around the changing of the seasons so say tuned. We will be adding videos to teach QI Gong and demonstrate how to use it to enhance your health. We will show you how to apply Qi Gong at home, work and play to make things easier and protect yourself from injury.

Longevity and Three Treasures 7/22/18 There are three primal energies in the body that underlie all structure and function.

We call those the Three Treasures. They are Qi, Shen, and Jing. 

Qi (Chi) is the energetic principle which is responsible for doing all of the work in the body. Functions such as moving the blood,

repair, warmth, digestion, elimination, etc.. Anything that would require energy to accomplish would be a function of Qi.

Shen is YOU the Spiritual Being which resides in the heart.

Jing  is the Yin and Yang Jing of the Kidney (see yin and yang in archives under Kidney)

When are are born we are imbued with just so much prenatal Jing. This comes from mom and dad. The color of your hair and eyes, our physical stature, our constitution and wherewithal. We only have a finite amount of prenatal Jing and as we spend it throughout our lives that is the aging process. So when it is gone it is gone, well you know what that means.  Jing is also responsible for your bones, bone marrow and teeth. The brain is enclosed in bone so we say that it is a sea of marrow. Therefore memory, cognition, and concentration are functions of Jing. The uro-genital system, reproductive system, the hormonal system and all of the endocrine glands are the function of the Kidney Yin and Yang Jing. So you can see that the Three Treasures are the primal energies of the entire body. If these are waning then you can swallow any thing you want and not get the desired effect you are looking for. So, in Superior Herbalism we nurture the Three Treasures. If we become ill and we try to treat the problem we are forging weapons after war has started. This is inferior herbalism. The whole idea is to stay strong and healthy in the first place so as to be robust enough to repel evasion, to repair effectively and quickly if need be. 



So how do we nurture these Three Treasures? There are many ways to do this. Practice Qi Gong (energy training) Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, eat fresh good food, drink plenty of fresh clean water, and take Superior Tonic Herbs that nurture the Three Treasures.  We have access to many wonderful herbal formulas and tinctures made of Superior grade herbs.  These herbs are not commercial grade and not procured from Brokers but obtained from the original source where the herb gained it's reputation in the first place.  This is called earth source.  We will be adding formulas and tinctures that improve your ability to adapt to the never ending changes you encounter as you go through life.  We can also address adrenal health, stress and anxiety, endocrine health, sports enhancement, anti-aging, and general well being

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