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Tired of taking drugs
for your ailments?
Bothered by the side
Millions of people have found acupuncture to be a better solution than drugs or surgery. With a 3,000-year history, acupuncture successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages pain.
Acupuncture is a safe, painless alternative for treating:
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain and carpal tunnel
  • Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Gynecological problems like infertility and PMS
  • Depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress
  • And many more physical, emotional and neurological issues
At Oriental Medicine, we are dedicated to bringing health and healing to our patients. Dr. Flynn is a  licensed acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with over 30 years of experience.  He graduated with honors on the Dean's List from Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Santa Monica California and received his Doctorate from SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine, Los Angeles. 
Dr. Flynn also uses micro-stimulation electro-acupuncture for children and those who are afraid of needles.  That affords you the opportunity to experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture without the use of the actual needles.  For those with babies and young ones, Electro-acupuncture is great and Dr. Flynn loves working with babies and children of all ages. 
Dr. Flynn applying Micro-stim electro-acupuncture.  Totally painless and very affective for all of your health-care concerns.
FEELING HEALTHY AND WOULD LIKE TO STAY THAT WAY, Oriental Medicine and acupuncture is a perfect way to accomplish your goals. In addition to treating all of the pain and other health issues, Dr. Flynn practices many other techniques which restore body balance.  Such as...............................
Using Touch for Health, 84 individual muscles are tested that relate to all 14 acupuncture meridians.  When a weakness is found neuro-lymphatic massage is used to strengthen.  There are several other hands on techniques that may be used as well.  Once all weakness are corrected,  over strengthened muscles are located and corrected.  Lastly your front, back, and lateral gaits are assessed and corrected.  Voila!  Dynamic body balancing.
Testing Psoas Muscle Kidney Meridian
     Correcting Psoas and Kidney Meridian
            Cross Gait Testing
Dr. Flynn uses muscle response testing to assess those items in life that are causing symptoms due to your over reaction to foods, environmentals, chemicals, emotions or what ever they may be.   Once the culpert is found he uses acupressure and acupuncture or micro-stimulation with electro-acupuncture to correct the underlying energetic  disruption, thus restoring your nervous system's normal response to those items.  
Using over 700 test vials and anything else you may bring in,  Dr. Flynn assesses
and corrects energetic disturbances that may cause you to over react to a substance.
Dr. Flynn touches the patient with a vial that represents a possible allergen and
with MRT (muscle response testing) ascertains whether the patient is over reacting or not.
Having identified a possible allergen, Dr. Flynn stimulates several acupressure points and sympathetic nerve ganglia along the spine to change the bodies adverse response to that of a more normal reaction.
Many of us realize that we need to take nutritional supplements but we are swamped with TV ads and shows, magazine articles and of course the every expanding WEB.  So, if we are all bio-chemically unique, how do YOU know that all of this stuff is right for YOU and in what DOSE in what COMBINATIONS.  Supplementation is absolutely personal.  What is right for one is not necessarily right for all.  Dr. Flynn uses MRT ( muscle response testing ) to assess what YOU need  including the combination and dose.  So, bring your kitchen cabinet with you and find out.  Please no sinks.  Its simple, interesting and fun.
 Qi Gong (energy training)             
If you are searching for methods to use at home to enhance and maintain your health and vitality, Dr. Flynn teaches many standing, moving and focusing exercises called Qi Gong pronounced Chee Kong.  Qi is the energy that permeates the entire universe which we recognize in quantum physics.  All is energy.  In our bodies Qi is the active principle. Qi is what moves the blood and fluids and does the work.  Gong means exercise, practice or effort.  Qi Gong then means working the Qi or energy training.  Having had a severe low back injury in 1978 and avoiding surgery with acupuncture, Dr. Flynn has had to combine his knowledge of Martial Arts and Qi Gong to develop methods to protect himself from further injury.  These are very simple and easy to apply and can be used at home, work, or play. 
Vibrational  Beauty Therapy
Vibrational Beauty Therapy is a total solution to maintaining optimum healthy skin
tone that is the direct reflection of inner well-being.  Looking younger is here to stay, it’s
not just a passing fancy.  Understanding this fact, we have invested many years of research,
testing and field application in pioneering a procedure formulating products that not
only have positive results as facial de-aging process, but as a whole body 
treatment as well.
Vibrational Beauty is unique in that it combines several powerful beautifying and energy balancing modalities into one streamlined system.  These include Micro-current electrical
stimulation through acu-points, color light therapy, massage, and specially
formulated facial and skin healant products.  The result is beautiful, toned skin in a
relaxed and energized body.  You feel good about yourself and it shows.
Whole body treatment is where Micro-current facial rejuvenation got started.  A physician,
utilizing Micro-current electro-medicine, treated a patient with Bell’s Palsy for paralysis.
the patient came back shortly after treatment and said she wanted the same treatment for
the other side of her face.  They noticed that facial lines were a little softer, her face was gently
lifted and her eyes were more open on the treated side of her face!  She had the other side
of her face treated and the effect was remarkably the same.
This research and development to utilize these techniques for beautification began in
earnest.  As work on de-aging progressed, we began to see that the physical results of a
younger looking face were an outward expression of greater benefits beneath the skin!
Patients began feeling better, reducing stress levels, and experiencing greater creativity
and a more vibrant sense of general well-being.  We knew we had stumbled onto something
of great benefit to people, as who doesn’t want to look and feel better?
Vibrational Beauty Therapy goes far beyond where other systems stop.  Research on
application of the powerful, non-invasive technology is on-going.  Micro-current stands at
the vanguard of a new era of health and well-being.
The system yields superior results….It works.
 Vibrational Beauty Therapy (VBT) Q & A
Q:  What makes Vibrational Beauty Therapy different from other beauty treatments?
A:   Everything!  The most important difference is that Vibrational Beauty Therapy works from the inside as well as the outside to stimulate regeneration of healthy skin tissue.  VBT is the key to restore and maintain healthy skin tone through utilizing techniques that work in harmony with the natural processes of the human energy body.  Combined with our powerful skin healant products, the system is much more effective and lasting than any other de-aging process available today.
Q:  What is Micro-current Facial Rejuvenation and is it safe?
A:  The elecro-medical techniques employed in VBT have been used for treatment of many
medical conditions including Bell’s Palsy, sinusitis, tension headaches & much more.  Cosmetic enhancement benefits were only discovered after the fact as a side benefit when treating these conditions.  Micro-current is completely safe and non-invasive.  It works in harmony with the natural energy system of the human body.
Q:  What is Colored Light Therapy?
A:  Various  colors of light have a remarkable healing effect on the body.  Micro-current and colored light, selected according to individual body type, are delivered to specific acu-points and muscle areas of the face yielding positive and lasting benefits.
Q:  What makes VBT products different?
A:  VBT skin healant products are in a class of their own, as they were specifically developed to assist in Micro-current electro-medical facial therapies.  Our products utilize only pure and beneficial natural ingredients that unlock and release the healing processes of the body.  They contain top quality, high performance ingredients, along with minerals and the healing benefits of gem essence blends.
Q:  How many sessions are required?
A:  Suggested ten to twenty treatments consecutively, depending on age and health condition, two or more times per week if possible.
Q:  How soon do you see results?
A:  Results may vary,  yet it is not uncommon to see results in the first treatment, and notable changes with each additional session.  You will immediately notice a difference in the texture and color of the skin due to increased circulation.
Q:  Are there any proven statistics on the improvements to the skin?
A:  It has been proven Micro-current stimulation increases ATP (Adennosine Triphosphate)  production,  stimulates collagen & elastin production and increases cellular metabolism.  According to a 2003 study by Dr. Chi at the University of Washington’s Pathology Dept - examination of the skin tissue treated with Micro-current showed
? 10% Increase of the collagen thickness in the connective tissue
? 35% Increase in the number of blood vessels
? 45% Increase in the number of elastin fibers in the dermis and a 35%Increase in the blood circulation in the tissues (circulation attributes to health, condition and  color of the skin)
Packages available @ reduced cost
Each Energy Light Facial Rejuvenation SESSION  includes the following 7 phases, plus foot
reflexology during the 3rd phase to enhance relaxation
1st  Phase increases circulation and rejuvenation of cellular processes.
2nd Phase restores original tone to the muscles.
3rd  Phase Mudd Masque to remove impurities.
While the Mudd Masque is drying,
Dr. Flynn will be doing Foot Reflexology to further relax and pamper you.  For the guys it will definitely relax you but we won't use the word pamper, OK.
4th Phase opens pores through a process called iontrophoresis using Electro-Micro-Current
     and Light to prepare the skin for application of nutrients.
5th Phase is a wonderful facial massage with gentle electrical current pulsing through my
     hands delivering nutrients and Pseudocollagen ( derived from plant sources )  into the
     deeper tissues of the face.
6th Phase closes pores through a reverse but similar process as in the 4th Phase.
7th Phase is the final phase where we address the neck and under the jaw with specially
     designed Bar Probes and more nutrients.
                                                        THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT!
                                                   VIBRATIONAL BEAUTY THERAPY
Package (multiple session) Pricing
 3 - 6 sessions $65 each
7 - 10 sessions $60 each
11 - 14 sessions $55 each
15 - 20 sessions $50 each
NOTE:  If a package is purchased and you request a refund for unused sessions, the refund will be prorated at the cost of the level of the package that would have applied for the number of sessions that you actual received.  Example:  If you purchase a package of 14 sessions at $55 per session and you received 5 sessions then asked for a refund.  Your return would be the total amount minus 5 sessions at $65 each to reflect the 3 - 6 sessions package. No other charge for bookkeeping will be charged. 
We will be continuing to update our Website.  So stay tuned, there is  much more to come.  Looking forward to meeting you.  Dr. Flynn
Give us a call today to find out how we can help you return to optimal health and wellness!
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